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My Favorite Gifts

As a nationally known gift giving expert, I’ve learned a lot about the art of gift-giving. Also, as a mom, wife, friend and more, I’ve been the grateful recipient of many wonderful gifts which have delighted me. Recently, my husband gifted me a fabulous camera for my birthday. He heard me mention that I wanted […]

The Secret To Gift Giving To Men

Guys are very particular when it comes to gifts. Some want a surprise and others loathe them. You’ll find the men in your life to be either or! Determine if the guys in your life, a son, husband, a friend, your mate, has a preference when it comes to gifts. Is a foodie? Is he […]

How To Be A Gifted Giver! Shop, Look And Listen!

One of the talents to being a gifted giver is to master the art of observing what another person loves. Not just his or her likes, but what they truly love. Good listeners make great gifters! To begin gift giving with a bang, listen up and notice what she says out loud! What is her […]