My Favorite Gifts

As a nationally known gift giving expert, I’ve learned a lot about the art of gift-giving. Also, as a mom, wife, friend and more, I’ve been the grateful recipient of many wonderful gifts which have delighted me. Recently, my husband gifted me a fabulous camera for my birthday. He heard me mention that I wanted a good camera when I complimented a friend’s photography. He spent endless hours searching for the right match and saved the receipt just in case it was not. The love and time he put into this gift touched me greatly.

The best part of the gift was the time he spent making sure I know how to “actually” use the camera. The time shared teaching someone how to enjoy your gift you give is often what completes a gift and makes it totally enjoyable. Your involvement and attention to the gift takes it to a more purposeful level. The same concept applies when you give a child a toy. Teach him or her to use it, play together and the toy will take on an extended life and shared memories.

Next time you give a gift, consider what could accompany it to transform the experience and ease the learning curve. Give your teaching support when giving anything that requires batteries, lengthy instructions, technology and more. If you aren’t up to the task, find a savvy sales person who you or your gift recipient can visit after the gift is given for additional support just in case.

Save the salesperson’s business card and include it with your gift. When in doubt, the expert can be included right inside your gift!