How To Be A Gifted Giver! Shop, Look And Listen!

One of the talents to being a gifted giver is to master the art of observing what another person loves. Not just his or her likes, but what they truly love. Good listeners make great gifters!

To begin gift giving with a bang, listen up and notice what she says out loud! What is her favorite food? What makes him laugh? What makes her feel super special? Sometimes it’s as simple as surprise car wash at his favorite spot or noticing that her favorite fruit is back in season. What makes the gift count is when you gift your attention. Paying attention, not just spending money is key. Gift your recipients likes. Not just a material gift, but the reflection of their wants, preferences and desires. That makes someone feel loved, cherished and appreciated.

Next time you want to gift the perfect present, instead of going shopping, shop, look and listen first! Be all ears and you are certain to gift and receive an earful of thanks.