The Secret To Gift Giving To Men

Guys are very particular when it comes to gifts. Some want a surprise and others loathe them. You’ll find the men in your life to be either or! Determine if the guys in your life, a son, husband, a friend, your mate, has a preference when it comes to gifts. Is a foodie? Is he a sportsman? Is he a wine lover? Get the scoop on his favorite foods and things to do. Discover if he prefers an experience together gift like tickets for you both to a favorite rock concert or is his ideal gift a sporting event or round of golf?

Some guys like functional gifts like gadgets that perform amazing tasks easily and save time. Whatever the choice, be in the know before you go shopping. The last thing a guy wants is something he does not need. And even worse, if he has to return it and actually enter a shopping mall, that clearly might be his least favorite thing to do on earth.

Next time you gift a guy, play it safe and ask a lot of questions. Find out his favorite things and least favorite ones, too. You’ll score big and earn brownie points if you get it right. Happy shopping!