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Hello, I'm Robyn Freedman Spizman, New York Times Bestselling Author, Consumer Advocate and Television Personality. As the author of dozens of books and a seasoned media personality appearing frequently on local and national television and radio, my goal is to help you discover smarter, better and brighter ways to live your life. I am also dedicated to saving you time, money and energy!

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Also known as "The Super Shopper" and "The Gift Guru," I have appeared for over two decades as one of the countryís leading gift giving experts. An expert on shopping and gift giving, I have been featured on NBCís Today Show, CNN, The Discovery Channel, CNNfn, Headline News, Talk Back Live and appear weekly on NBC in Atlanta, Georgia in my segment Been There Bought That and Star 94ís The Giftionary Show with Cindy and Ray.

Be sure to check out my books including The Giftionary: An A-Z Reference guide For Solving Your Gift Giving Dilemma...Forever!, Make It Memorable: An A-Z Guide To Making Any Gift, Event or Occassion...Dazzling!, When Words Matter Most, The Thank You Book, Secret Agent, and Women For Hireís: The Get Ahead Guide To Career Success, and Take This Book to Work, from the creators of Americaís #1 job fair for women!

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Stick with me and I will share with you practical ways to save time, money and energy. Iíll also show you how to give meaningful (even cost effective) presents all year long - many right from your desktop! In fact, with a little help from my over twenty years of experience reporting on gift giving, everyone will think you stayed up all night thinking of those perfect presents!

Wishing you all good things that matter most,

Robyn Spizman

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